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Microsoft SharePoint is the collaboration and intranet offering from Microsoft. An extremely powerful Content Management System which directly integrates into Microsoft Office products and provides secure access to files and information from both inside and outside your organisation.

ShareIt Consulting have years of experience with Microsoft SharePoint in installation, design & customisation, and also custom development.

Installing SharePoint is one thing. We go much further, setting it up and customising the look and feel so that it feels like your personalised branded Intranet with all the data, project management, workflows, calendars, contact lists, dashboards, team sites, wikis, task lists, and customer information that you need. And all this easily searchable securely from inside and out.


SharePoint allows workflows to be enforced on most data and files. We have experience in developing custom workflows to suit your particular business and application needs. Don’t be stuck with a workflow that only 90% fulfills your business needs, have us provide you a quote to do exactly what you need.


Custom Web Parts

We have many custom ShareIt Web Parts to plug into SharePoint to fulfill particular needs. Ranging from very simple to extremely complex applications in their own right, we can make SharePoint handle your application needs. Even syncing data with external public websites easily and securely to see user registrations or purchases directly into your SharePoint intranet site.


MYOB Integration

At ShareIt we have even gone so far as to integrate SharePoint with MYOB to allow custom reporting and also to push data from SharePoint back into MYOB for the creation of Invoices, Customers etc. This allows the automation of keeping accounts and the prevention of double entry. Rather than do your work in SharePoint and then manually create the invoice in MYOB, have it happen automatically.

Please note that this is not an “off the shelf” front end for MYOB allowing you to use MYOB through SharePoint. Rather we can create webparts and workflows that will move data between SharePoint and MYOB to prevent the need for manual copying. We can easily design and create a tailored solution for your business processes to reduce human error, and speed up the process. It also allows you to use the power of SharePoint to manage other important data related to sales and processes that cannot be stored in MYOB and then have the sales and customer data synced between them..