Easy and quick access to information is critical today if you want to just keep up let alone be ahead of the game.

ShareIt Consulting can help you keep track of your data, your files and knowledge so that it can be shared easily around your organisation


Get Freighted Booking System by ShareIt Consulting

Get Freighted Booking – Get Freighted

As a growing business, Get Freighted needed to automate and improve their bookings to allow shipments all over the world.

We created a scale-able solution that meets their needs and allows their customers to make bookings quickly and easily.

Frost Real Estate Website

Frost Real Estate

When Frost Real Estate needed a new website that showcased their properties, their sales, and their values, they came to us.

We were able to create and tailor the site to design and requirements that they were after.

GreatLand application by ShareIt Consulting

Great Land – Terragen

We helped Terragen by creating a system to allow them to enter in data readings from treated paddocks. This can then be charted and and a PDF report produced.

The solution is scale-able and time saving. More importantly data can be entered in on a tablet while still at the paddock and the data is immediately available for reporting in the office.