Easy and quick access to information is critical today if you want to just keep up let alone be ahead of the game.

ShareIt Consulting can help you keep track of your data, your files and knowledge so that it can be shared easily around your organisation

Recent Projects

Southern Lifts – Elevate

Managing many clients with new installations and regular scheduled servicing, Southern Lifts asked ShareIt to build a system that manage all the information in the office and out in the field.

Using tablets, the on site technicians have up to date information on the service or repair and have the customer sign off on site with real time results back in the office.


Get Freighted Booking – Get Freighted

As a growing business, Get Freighted needed to automate and improve their bookings to allow shipments all over the world.

We created a scale-able solution that meets their needs and allows their customers to make bookings quickly and easily.


Get Freighted Cellar Door – Get Freighted

Exporting Aussie wine to overseas destinations, customers can search and purchase wine from all over Australia.

The hassle of importing from Australia is taken away and everything is taken care of safely and securely.


Surface Coatings Association Australia

Managing memberships, conference registrations, and online training, this system does the heavy lifting so the organization doesn’t have to.

Tailored to exactly fit their needs while being secure, safe, and compliant for online payments and holding member data.


Dandy Docket – Dandy Premix Concrete

Everything from taking the concrete order, designing the mix, automating the quantities into the truck, and finally the billing is all handled by this impressive system.

The solution is scale-able and time saving with full reconciliation of quantities left in the silos and every cubic metre of product sent out on trucks.