Office 365

Office 365

Are you wanting to trial Office 365, or are just looking for someone to help navigate and organise you Office 365 site?

Office 365Office 365 is the Microsoft cloud based solution for collaboration and document management. It gives you the power to store and quickly find and edit information from any Office product or web browser.

Compatible with desktop and mobile devices multiple people can edit the same documents at the same time while also seeing the changes each person is making.

And because it is accessible everywhere on any device, you will never be caught without that important spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation again.

But all this is meaningless unless the taxonomy and structure are setup correctly. You don’t want the problems of a file server but now just in a web browser.

Office365We can help you setup and customise your Office 365 tenant to your needs and get you realising the benefits of the cloud.

From setting up your email accounts, document management, taxonomy and metadata, and configuring the search to give you the best solution for increasing productivity both in and away from the office.